Vintage Classic Cars Museums of India

Collecting stamps and coins might be the hobby of us. The royals on the other hand, were ready to spend a little more to their collection, by collecting classic cars. Indian history has witnessed kings lavishly spending money to get cars of various eras, just for increasing the grandeur of their name. Today, these collections have become private or public museums open for tourists to cover.


Here are the top classic car museums of India to enjoy, in you are an automobile-freak.

Classic and Vintage car collection of Udaipur Palace

As mentioned before, this is the hobby of blue bloods. The kings of Mewar had this expensive hobby, which is now turned into an iconic attraction of Udaipur, inside the palace. This museum is located very close to the famous Lake Palace of Udaipur. Top cars to spot are 1946 Buick, 1938 Cadillac, 1959 Morris Minor Hundered and so on.

How to reach: Udaipur is a very famous tourist destination of Rajasthan. You can easily find cabs, buses, trains and flights from various parts of the country to reach Udaipur. If you are travelling from an international destination, the nearest international airport is located in Jaipur, Mumbai and Delhi. If you are looking for a luxury travel, try the luxury trains of India for a classic vacation to enjoy the vintage vehicles. Top luxury train itineraries to cover are:

  1. Indian Splendor of Maharajas’ Express
  2. Indian Sojourn of Deccan Odyssey

Ashvek Vintage World of Goa

This is the result of passion of a businessperson. He started this collection in 1985 and today, it holds Volkswagen Beetle four-door limo, 1939 Mercedes 170, 1931 Peugeot, two engine Vidal tempo and so on. The Vidal tempo car was the commander car of Nazi army and is the first 4WD of the world. He uses this collection to educate the world about the evolution in automobile field.

How to reach: Goa is well served by road transportation and rail transportation. You can find all kinds of vehicles like cabs, private buses, public buses, trains and flights to reach Goa from all major cities of the country. The union territory holds an international airport, making it easier to reach from many parts of the world. The best time to visit this museum is during Vintage bike and car festival.

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Heritage Transport Museum of Gurgaon

This museum is not just about cars. As the name indicates, this museum holds heritage models of two-wheelers, aircrafts, rural transports and others. Do not worry; the car collection is not a mere model collection. The collection holds vintage cars, cars used in famous old movies and much more. The heritage train of this museum is open for tour rides in the morning and ends up in the museum in the evening.

How to reach: The nearest international airport is located in Delhi. From Delhi, you can easily find cabs and buses to reach Gurgaon. It is also connected with many major cities via road transportation. The nearest railway station is also located in Gurgaon.

Manjusha Museum of Dharmasthala

This is an interesting site to enjoy amidst a religious destination. Dharmasthala is a pilgrimage destination of Karnataka. This heritage museum is a private collection, which holds vintage and classic cars, temple chariots and others. Apart from the automobiles, the museum holds many other galleries too. You can find paintings, antiques, Mauryan coins, large vintage camera collection and so on. Top cars to spot here are Adler, 1926 Ambulance, 1926 Benz, 1947 Chevrolet, 1924 Rolls Royce and so on.

How to reach: Do not confuse it with Dharmasthala of North India. This city is located 74 km away from Mangalore railway station. You can find buses, cabs and other transportations to reach Mangalore. From Mangalore, reaching Dharmasthala is very easier.

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Pranlal Bhogilal Vintage car museum of Ahmedabad

This museum is also called as the Auto World. This museum holds numerous vintage automobiles including cars, procured from various parts of the world. This collection also holds a few cars, which were used in the past by royals. This is one of the very few car museums, where you are allowed to take photographyTop cars to spot here are Bentleys, Lincolns, Rolls Royces, Langondas, Fleetwood and so on. This museum gets a grand place in the list of top ten Indian museum.

How to reach: The best way to reach Ahmedabad is via airport, which is just 14 km away from the city. The city also holds a very busy railway station, which connects various parts of the country to the city. You can also find buses and cabs from many major destinations to Ahmedabad, easily.

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