Places To Visit In Asia In April For An Vacation!

Travelling to Asia in the month of April can be a mixed experience for you as the season changes and festivals take place in multiple areas. Most of Southeast Asia is under the influence of hot weather. Despite the weather, there are plenty of awesome places to visit in Asia in April. There are a whole lot of culture-rich regions to explore including Thailand, Japan and Indonesia. Enjoy a lovely time with friends and family to make sure that you get the best out of your Asian vacation in the month of April.


Read ahead to know all the possible aspects you need to be aware of in case you are planning a trip to Asian continent in April.

Why Should You Visit Asia In April

Although major portions of South Asia experience hot and humid weather, there are plenty of reasons and places to visit in Asia in April. There are a lot of culture rich regions in the continent which celebrate world-renowned festivals which make your trip worthy of great stories.

The southern part of Asia gears up for cooler temperatures and you can visit places like Bali and Malaysia where the flight rates are pretty affordable. Visiting Thailand in April is also going to be cheap as peak tourist season is down and you find cheap hotels to stay as well.

In other parts of Asia including Korea, Japan and China, spring begins to take shape and high day temperatures are marked with cool evenings.

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Best Places To Visit In Asia In April

1. Thailand

There are plenty of places to visit in Thailand in April as hot as it might be, the country is full of beaches and has some festivals where you can enjoy with family. There will be a nice cool onshore breeze that you can expect just as evening comes into play. Visit the markets, shop til you drop, vibrant nightlife, beaches and taste lovely Thai at many authentic restaurants.

2. Indonesia

April is the first month in Indonesia when the rainy season doesn’t set in. So, it’s a great time to come before crowds start rolling in from June. Expect light showers and storms in the evening but it doesn’t seem to last. You will find plenty of affordable and cheap destinations because of the thin crowd.

3. Vietnam

Vietnam is considered a top place to visit in Asia in April as the temperature is quite mild here due to its location near the northern latitude. You will find affordable accommodations and flights to Vietnam. Taste delicious Vietnamese food which has a lot of French influence.

4. Maldives

Another awesome and has made it to the list of top places to visit in Asia in April is Maldives. Either way, Maldives is a land of islands covered in sea. You can experience a beach holiday here as there are plenty of resorts offering a range of services. Spend time at the water villa resorts and release the joy of a beach.

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5. Nepal

Nepal is also called the land of majestic Himalayas with pristine natural beauty. A land of diversity and colorful festivals, Nepal is one of the best places to visit in Asia in April for an adventurous holiday. Trekking can be expensive depending on the length and the outfitter you decide to choose. A tiny country situated between the borders of India and Tibet. You can experience a culture-rich with Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

6. Malaysia

The Malaysian peninsula is a hotbed for biodiverse rainforests and wildlife. April sits between transitional monsoons, meaning that winds are lighter and showers are infrequent and localised. This is a country of contrasts, if you consider the fusion of people, food and cultures that take place here. There are abrupt transitions from ancient to modern, thriving forests to luxury hotels, and cuisines from Beijing to Mecca.